Rentzap Vs Findigs: Which Is Best For Your Business?

The bigger your property management business gets, the trickier it becomes to streamline tenant screening processes. This part of your business is increasingly complex, with fake documents, applicants who don’t fit the rental criteria, and ever-shifting regulations. Finding efficient solutions is crucial, but you need to be selective.

Some services claim to eliminate your workload, but they often fall short when it comes to addressing applicant inquiries or handling atypical cases. This is where Rentzap differentiates itself.

This article compares Rentzap vs Findigs so you can decide which service best meets your business needs.

Rentzap overview

Rentzap is a full-service application underwriting platform focused on making life easier for property managers. Founded by a team that’s been in the trenches – including a property manager, owner, and renter, the company knows the rental business inside and out. Rentzap blends automation with human oversight, and since launching in 2014, has helped lease over 6,000 homes.

Findigs overview

Findigs was founded in 2018 and offers a rental screening platform for property managers. The goal is to improve speed and efficiency in decision-making for the rental process.

Rentzap vs Findigs: key differences

Both platforms support applicant screening, but there are key differences:


Both Rentzap and Findigs use advanced artificial intelligence in the tenant screening process. This AI technology speeds up the screening workflow and uses sophisticated analysis to detect fraudulent documents like fake bank statements or paystubs. The difference ends there because Rentzap includes a human in the process.

Why Rentzap’s human element matters

While AI handles the initial vetting, Rentzap’s integrated human touch provides some key benefits:

  • Handling application questions: Rentzap’s team directly fields any inquiries or concerns from applicants, freeing up property managers to focus their energy elsewhere.

  • Human oversight for complex cases: Applications involving non-W2 income or other unique financial situations get a personalized review by real human experts. This ensures even tricky cases get properly vetted without bogging down the property team.

  • Turn-key solution: By personally underwriting the entire screening from initial application to final decision, Rentzap provides a comprehensive, true hands-off solution tailored for managers.

Rentzap’s approach to legal and compliance

Rentzap works with legal experts and housing associations state-by-state to verify legally compliant screening. This means identifying protected classes, addressing critical legal nuances, and including everything in a standardized application flow.

Key benefits for property managers:

  • Tailored compliance: By adapting the screening process to the legal nuances of each state and local jurisdiction, Rentzap verifies that property managers adhere to local regulations without the complexity of managing these requirements themselves.

  • Protection for property managers: The standardized application streamlines the screening process and safeguards property managers from potential legal and compliance issues, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of legal challenges.

Rental criteria framework

Rentzap’s screening guidelines closely mirror the U.S. Government’s FHA loan process. This method optimizes the selection process to find the best possible tenant. 

Findings doesn’t share their framework on their website.


Both Rentzap and Findigs charge applicants a fee for tenant screening services, though their specific pricing strategies reflect their distinct approaches.

  • Rentzap: Charges $55.00 per applicant. This fee covers the comprehensive human-managed screening process, which includes legal compliance checks and a tailored approach based on state-specific regulations. Property managers don’t have to worry about compliance or collecting payment for applications.

  • Findigs: Property managers set pricing for the service. Since they are still involved in answering applicant questions and collecting payment, they should set pricing that accounts for their time and expenses related to managing these components.

Best for

Rentzap is ideal for property managers seeking a comprehensive, fully compliant turnkey solution that handles every aspect of the rental process.

Findigs works for property managers who prefer technological support in screening processes but want to maintain direct involvement in managing applicant queries.

Ease of setup

Rentzap seamlessly becomes part of your existing operations right away. During setup, the solution is customized to fit your specific workflows – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. This tailored implementation makes for an easy transition into your standard operating procedures.

Findigs offers various products and services. Findigs has to comply with FCRA rules, and property managers utilizing Findigs’ services undergo a vetting process.

Rentzap vs Findigs: Which is the right platform for you?

Application screening can be a hassle – fake documents, shifting legal requirements, and unique situations. Rentzap actually gets this and addresses the real-world struggles that property managers face. It seamlessly integrates into your operations, becoming an extension of your team so you can focus on other priorities.

Findigs’s tech platform takes a more self-service approach. This can work for managers who prefer maintaining hands-on involvement—handling applicant inquiries and navigating complex cases themselves.

But if you want to completely offload the rental screening process, Rentzap’s turnkey service is the answer. This comprehensive solution means one less major operational headache to worry about as a property manager.

Making life easier for property managers

Interested in discovering how Rentzap can completely take tenant screening off your plate? Sign up for a live demo and see the benefits in action!

Rentzap vs Findigs: FAQs

Is Findigs a real company?

Yes, Findigs is a real company offering property manager tenant screening solutions.

How does Findigs verify income?

Findigs verifies income through bank and payroll linking. They also offer options for manual document uploads to assist in verifying applicant income.

Any experience with Rentzap?

Rentzap offers a full human-involved tenant screening service that focuses on legal compliance and efficiently handles complex cases. Property managers appreciate its turnkey solution for the rental application process.